Hot Selling

Based on abduntal experience on production,we are proud to be the leading natural stone specialists and suppliers in China. 

Our aim is to develop & provide all popular and fashionable grey marble including imported and domestic, all of which have been sourced world-wide and are beautifully exhibited here. 

We have wide range of grey marble,variety in color shade or random veins,special style will suit your taste perfectly.

With our hot selling items,they are both suitable for flooring as well as wall cladding purposes because they create a particular contrast with the dark colored cabinets and walls. This means that your interior will stand out and look unique.

We are committed to not only providing impeccable products but also capturing the ideas of our customers through our bespoke design and manufacturing team.

Bring their personal and professional idea into reality by our hands.

The natural beauty of grey marbles is simply unmatched and will definitely give your place a luxurious feel,adding a touch of class and elegance.

  • <b>Cinderella Grey</b>,Cinderella Grey Marble
    Cinderella Grey
  • Te Fei Force Grey,Te Fei Force Grey Marble
    Te Fei Force Grey
  • Super White,Super White Marble
    Super White
  • Sicily Grey,Sicily Grey Marble
    Sicily Grey
  • <b>Tundra Grey</b>,Tundra Grey Marble
    Tundra Grey
  • <b>Castle Grey</b>,Castle Grey Marble
    Castle Grey
  • <b>New Sicily Grey</b>,New Sicily Grey Marble
    New Sicily Grey
  • <b>Fior Di Pesco</b>,Fior Di Pesco Grey Marble
    Fior Di Pesco
  • <b>Hermes Grey</b>,Hermes Grey Marble
    Hermes Grey